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Finding a great sounding violin at a fair price is no easy matter, and choosing the right violin dealer is almost as hard as choosing the right violin.

Whatever your budget, we can help. Professional violinists and amateurs alike come to us because they want great tone and playability, authenticity backed up by independent certificates, transparent pricing, and level-headed advice about investment.

The internet has permeated every aspect of our lives, and now every violin shop has a website. We have been doing this for longer and we do it better. We offer easy navigation, useful photos that expand easily, and daily updating of our listings. We give relevant information about our items for sale, without recourse to gimmicks or trickery. We have an extensive archive of sold items, and our customer reviews are genuine.

The violin trade is changing fast. In a world of increasingly fluid pricing and decreasing responsibility on the part of the seller, we offer simplicity, security and common sense. Our relationship with our customers is friendly and relaxed – we work with the broadest imaginable range of players at all levels of proficiency. We like to make our customers feel comfortable. We are not pushy.

We deal internationally in fine violins, violas and bows, clocking up a lot of air-miles to meet clients, and regularly shipping instruments around the globe. We may look like an online business, but in fact more than half of our customers meet us in person – we have premises in the Scottish Borders and in London.

A violin dealer should really understand violins – not just their history and construction but also how they work in a musical context. Only a player can do this. You can talk to us about musical issues and we will understand, whether you are a classical or a traditional musician.

We won’t waste your time by making you play through shelves of instruments which look great but sound terrible. We are very selective about what instruments we stock, putting sound and playability above any other considerations. All of our customers remark on the quality of the instruments and bows we offer.

We offer a 14 day trial period, we guarantee our attributions, we provide certificates from leading authorities, and we disclose all condition issues. We may not be a bargain basement, but our prices are fair and visible to everyone.

Above all, we respect our customers.

If this sounds like the kind of violin dealer you’re looking for, just pick up the phone or send us an email.

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