Albert Nürnberger Violin Bow, Markneukirchen circa 1910


Albert Nürnberger Violin BowEveryone agrees, if you can’t afford a good French bow, get a Nürnberger! Still going strong after over 100 years, the bows from the turn of the century are becoming increasingly collectable.

This is a lovely bow made by Franz Albert (II) for the firm of Rembert Wuriltzer in New York. It bears the Wurlitzer brand behind the frog, as well as an enigmatic 1896 stamp under the frog. You might think this was the date, but this particular Nürnberger brand only appeared in 1910, so it’s more likely a model number.

The bow is very typical of the period, still retaining a lightness and artistry which was soon to be replaced by a rather stolid and heavy character. The stick is of octagonal section mid-brown pernambuco with a very attractive flecking, mounts are silver and ebony. The condition of the bow is excellent apart from a smal loss of ebony on the bottom face of the frog.

Nürnbergers have always been popular with professional players. Of course it won’t do to let your desk partner know that your bow is German, but anyone who comes to the work of Nürnberger or Pfretzschner with an open mind will get a happy surprise. This bow is strong yet refined – very similar in character to a great Lamy. It’s not the right bow for an ex-Juillard slugger, but if you’re looking for quality of tone and ease of control, it would be hard to beat. A beautiful bow for chamber music with an elegant, bright and supremely clean sound.

Length 74.3cm, weight 59.5 grams

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Albert Nürnberger Violin Bow Albert Nürnberger Violin Bow
Albert Nürnberger Violin Bow Albert Nürnberger Violin Bow

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