Violin by Amédée Dieudonné, Mirecourt 1948


Violin by Amédée Dieudonné, Mirecourt 1948This is a very nice Amédée Dieudonné violin dating from 1948, numbered 388B, branded to the inner back. Dieudonné ran a small and very successful workshop in Mirecourt, producing various models of violin for the French market and more notably for Rudolf Wurlitzer in the USA. There’s a great biography of Dieudonné on Roland Terrier’s site.

This violin is built on exactly the same model as the other Dieudonné on our site – the varnish is more orange than golden, otherwise the violins are pretty much identical. This one is significantly cheaper on account of the varnish wear to the back and lower ribs and the repaired crack in the upper left portion of the table. But you get a beautiful set of classic Mirecourt rosewood pegs with this one …!

Another great-sounding Dieudonné – this one is slightly zingier and more pliable than the other, but it’s clear that both violins came from the same stable. I think of Dieudonné violins as the culmination of the great Mirecourt democratic tradition – sound quality, choice of materials, fine workmanship, all delivered at a fair price and without pretension. This would be an excellent violin for an advancing student – it’s very versatile, performing well in all parts of the register, and happy with any kind of repertoire, classical or traditional.

Length of back 35.7cm,stop 130/195mm, total length 58.9cm

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Amédée Dieudonné violin Amédée Dieudonné violin Amédée Dieudonné violin Amédée Dieudonné violin

Amédée Dieudonné violin

It’s always amused me that a man whose name translates as “Loved by God God-given” looks as if he walked straight off the set of Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday …

Violin by Amédée Dieudonné, Mirecourt 1948

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