WE Hill & Sons Violin Bow circa 1940

On trial, £3,500

WE Hill & Sons Violin Bow circa 1940
This a lovely Hill bow by Arthur Copley, silver mounted, and with its original whalebone lapping. Although it bears the WE Hill & Son stamp reserved for their best bows, it’s a bit tatty here and there, hence the bargain price. There are no significant condition issues, but the frog is chipped and has a repaired crack, the stick’s a bit nibbled here and there, and the silver face plate is slightly dented.

This is a good lightweight Hill bow, made to a “transitional” design with a shortened stick, half-trench frog and no metal underslide. It’s ideal for a player wanting a great classical bow without shelling out for a Tourte. It’s impressive for its weight, strong and definite, with a controllable spring and good bite. If you’re mainly going to be on the Brahms ‘n Liszt I don’t recommend it, but for baroque repertoire or subtle chamber music it really comes into its own.

Length 74cm, weight 54 grams

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WE Hill & Sons Violin Bow circa 1940 WE Hill & Sons Violin Bow circa 1940
WE Hill & Sons Violin Bow circa 1940 WE Hill & Sons Violin Bow circa 1940

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