Alecio Reis Violin Bow, Brazil/UK


New Brazilian Violin Bow,This is a very blingy Tourte model bow made from excellent Brazilian pernambuco, assembled and finished by Alecio Luiz Dos Reis, a young Brazilian maker living in the UK. It represents excellent value for money. The stick is of dark brown round section pernambuco, mounts are silver and ebony.

If you’re looking for a serious bow at an affordable price, it would be hard to improve on our Reis bows. Although they all have different qualities, they are all well balanced, predictable, and professional. This particular bow has a smooth and solid character with a lively spring – ideal for an orchestral player.

Dimensions: Length 74.3cm, weight 62 grams

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New Brazilian Violin Bow, New Brazilian Violin Bow,
New Brazilian Violin Bow, New Brazilian Violin Bow,

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