Italian Violins

Fine Italian violins, selected for tone.

Abele Naldi Violin, Milan 1968


Abele Naldi Violin, Milan 1968This is a lovely violin by 20th century Milanese maker Abele Naldi. It’s unmistakably Italian in conception, just on the artistic side of brash, very individual in model and execution. The spruce used for the front is exceptional – very regular closely spaced grain, probably the same wood that Naldi used for guitars – and the back and ribs are made from wood with a spectacular quilted figure, possibly pearwood. More details

An Italian Violin of the Politi School, Rome circa 1910


Italian Politi ViolinThis is a great modern Italian violin, full of personality and with a great sound. Probably made in the Politi shop, it also owes something to the Scarampella style – knowingly rustic, and harking back to a much earlier tradition. It’s a very distinctive instrument with big broad edges, a wide-grained front, 2-piece but not bookmatched, and a deep brown oil varnish. More details

Silvio Vezio Paoletti Violin, Florence circa 1930


Silvio Vezio Paoletti Violin, Florence circa 1930 This is a fine early 20th century Italian violin by Silvio Paoletti, one of a number of good makers who trained under Valentino de Zorzi. The instrument bears multiple brands – on the button and the bottom rib externally, and on the inner back, the bassbar and the top block internally. It’s a very artistically made violin – the raised edgework is beautiful, the scroll and f-holes are finely cut, and the deep red varnish is rich and nicely craquelled. More details

Constantino Celani Violin, Ascoli Piceno 1900

Constantino Celani Violin, Ascoli Piceno 1900Constantino and Emidio or Emilio Celani (Il Turco) were brothers making a wide range of musical instruments in the Marche region of West Central Italy. Although their work is not particularly refined, they used excellent and successful models, and the materials are always good. This violin has a beautifully flamed back and scroll made from local maple, and a rich oil varnish over a golden ground. The purfling is hand made, the blacks being dyed hardwood rather than ebony. More details

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