Part Size Violins

Half Size Violin, Médio Fino, JTL Mirecourt circa 1910


Half-Size Violin, Médio Fino, JTL Mirecourt circa 1910This is a rather cute half size violin from the JTL (Jérome Thibouville-Lamy) workshops in Mirecourt. The Médio Fino was and still is a very popular student model, basic in construction but always reliable in tone. More details

Half-Size Violin, JTL “Célèbre Vosgien” circa 1920


An old French half-size size violin Another lovely JTL half-size size violin from the Mirecourt firm of Jerome Thibouville-Lamy, and bearing their “Célèbre Vosgien” label. It’s in perfect condition – normally half-size instruments bear a lot of scars, but this one has been carefully looked after, and even the original varnish is looking good after nearly a century. A nice sounding instrument too, warm and rounded throughout the register. More details

Half-Size Violin, JTL “Célèbre Vosgien” circa 1900

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Half-Size Violin, JTLThis is an unusually fine-sounding half-size violin, over 100 years old but in excellent condition. If you have a budding Yehudi in the house, this would be a great choice. It has a strong clear sound with a firm core to it – very responsive and encouraging to play! More details

Charles JB Collin-Mézin 7/8 Violin, 1901


7/8 ViolinHere’s a very fine 7/8 Collin-Mézin with a 4/4 sound! It’s in spectacular condition for its age, and it plays beautifully. More details

Small ¾ Mirecourt Stradivarius Pattern Violin circa 1900

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Small ¾ Mirecourt Stradivarius Pattern circa 1900A particularly attractive Mirecourt ¾ violin with a Stradivarius 1723 label, this instrument has the refinements of better Mirecourt work such as an inked scroll and rib corners, slightly fluted f-holes and a rich amber-brown oil varnish. The sound is bright, sweet and musical, surprisingly good for the size of the violin. More details

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