Reviews from Violists

These are reviews from customers who have bought violas or viola bows. You might like to also look at reviews from violin players and reviews for our new MSV instruments.

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Vanessa Turner, Scotland

image link Thomas Kennedy Small Viola for Goulding & Co circa 1800

June 2014
“I had been considering buying a small viola for quite a while and discovered Martin Swan’s website during idle internet googling. The big appeal for me was being able to try out and compare several smaller instruments – and indeed I had a few to choose from in the end. More details

Luis Martinez Espinosa, Spain

image link Janos Spiegel Small Viola, Budapest circa 1920, 38cm

Luis Martinez Espinosa on buying a viola from a websiteMay 2014
“From the very first moment I contacted Martin as I was interested in the violas I saw on his website to replace mine, I could see his high involvement, knowledge and professionalism. Every conversation with him about their instruments, identifying some of mine, description of sound, its facilities and commitment to its advice has led to an atmosphere of mutual trust and a source of knowledge for me. More details

Mike Smyth, UK

image link Small Viola, Mittenwald circa 1820

April 2014
“Advancing years have lately made playing a larger viola uncomfortable, and as I also play the violin it eventually became clear that the size of the instrument was the problem. I looked in a number of places for a smaller instrument of reasonable quality without much success. The only one that sounded suitable within my price range was on Martin Swan’s site. I was initially dubious about buying an instrument unseen, but Martin went to great lengths over the phone to find out what I needed, he played the instrument and reported back to me, and I decided to give it a try. More details

Alastair Macfarlane, Scotland

MSV 54 Viola

My new handmade viola is best value for money2012
“The viola I bought some months ago from Martin – instrument no. 54 – is a beautiful instrument to look at and a great pleasure to play. I have owned five or six violas and would say unhesitatingly that, of all of these, this is the best value for money and looks of all of them and performs better than many much more expensive violas I have seen and tried in shops up and down the country. More details

Chris Law, UK

image link MSV 15 Stradivarius Pattern Viola

“Having lost my viola in a burglary, I had spent an unsuccessful summer looking for a new instrument before I came across Martin’s violas. The quality of sound was in a different league to the other instruments (of the same price and more) that I had tried, and I instantly fell for the viola. It has a wonderfully edgy sound in the lower register, and beautiful lyrical higher notes. I’m so happy to be able to play such a fantastic instrument.”
Chris Law, UK
image link

Lieu Wee Ling, Singapore

image link MSV 08 Tertis Model Viola

Viola used for ABRSM viola grade 72010
“I got the viola from u a year ago… my daughter like it a lot… had attached a photo of her with my wife n son after a concert… she had passed her ABRSM viola grade 7 recently with distinction…”
Lieu Wee Ling
image link

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