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Specialist instruments such as Hardanger fiddles and left-handed violins.

MSV Hardanger Fiddle (standard model)


Hardanger fiddle/ Hardanger violin Our Hardanger fiddle is a simplified version of a traditional Hardanger, made with a violin scroll and without ornamentation. The body is copied directly from an award-winning instrument by Sveinung Gyovland. This historic instrument had excellent tone and sustain, so we followed the outline, arching and thicknesses faithfully. The result is an affordable Hardanger with a completely authentic sound.

Our Hardanger has 4 sympathetic strings, tune-able with ease thanks to the incorporation of Wittner geared pegs. Principal strings are traditional gut (normally tuned CGCE).
We generally have one of these instruments in stock – we’re also happy to make them to order with 5 sympathetic strings, dragon’s head scrolls, and/or traditional inlaid tailpieces and fingerboards. More details

Dyre Vaa Hardanger, Ytre Vinje 1989

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Dyre Vaa Hardanger,  Ytre Vinje 1989This is a good traditional Hardanger or Hardingfile by Dyre Vaa, cousin to the renowned Norwegian sculptor of the same name. Dyre Vaa was a professional maker based in south central Norway who set himself the task of producing affordable instruments – he experimented a lot with the decoration and the finish. Some of his models are pretty basic, but this particular Hardanger is well made, completely traditional, nicely decorated, and tonally very successful. More details

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