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James Tubbs Violin Bow, London circa 1910


James Tubbs Violin Bow, London circa 1910We always try to keep a couple of James Tubbs violin bows on the website – perhaps that gives a clue as to how I rate him as a maker! His model is individual and very distinctive with long buttons, long rounded ferrules, the head broad and elegant, always with a silver face. This example from Tubbs’ later period is typical – very dark brown pernambuco, silver and ebony mounts, the plain ebony frog with its square heel characteristic of the period. The stick is in great condition – there’s a bit of scratching to the player side of the frog and handle, and the pearl slide is a replacement, otherwise no issues. More details

James Tubbs Violin Bow, London circa 1910

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James Tubbs Violin BowThis is an outstanding later period Tubbs bow in great condition. The round section stick is of dark red-brown pernambuco, mounts are silver and ebony. The frog is plain and the adjuster slightly shorter than on a middle period bow. It’s quite rare to see a Tubbs in this sort of condition – there’s minimal wear to the stick and the frog, and all the silver is crisp and undamaged. More details

James Tubbs Violin Bow, London circa 1885


James Tubbs Violin Bow
James Tubbs is a delightfully inconsistent maker. The floppy bows he made for the “Maids of Mayfair” are best consigned to the dustbin, but his best sticks would bear comparison with the finest French bows ever made. This is an outstanding gold-mounted example from his most sought-after period, in near-mint condition. The wood is exceptional, the engraved ferrule is a treat, and the playing qualities are unbeatable. More details

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