Fine Violin Bows £2,500 to £5,000

Our current selection of fine violin bows in this price range. Suitable for professional players and chosen for all-round playing ability and tone.

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Gustav Prager Violin Bow, Schönlind circa 1930

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Gustav Prager Violin Bow
I have a real soft spot for Gustav Prager, and particularly for the more ornamental bows that he made. At the moment we have two of his bows in the same model, with a shield motif on the frog and a decorative adjuster. More details

Cousenon Bernardel Violin Bow, Mirecourt circa 1930


Cousenon Bernardel Violin Bow,  Mirecourt circa 1930
This is a very good silver-mounted Mirecourt bow stamped Leon Bernardel Paris. This brand was owned by the Cousenon firm, but most likely the bow was supplied by the Laberte workshops. Typical French features include the cuts to the corners of the ferrule and the visible transition from octagonal to round section beyond the end of the lapping. More details

HR Pfretzschner Violin Bow, Markneukirchen circa 1920

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HR Pfretzschner Violin BowIt’s great to see the violin world finally waking up to the qualities of good German bows. There is absolutely no difference in quality of work or playability between fine French and German bows, and this Pfretzschner proves the point perfectly. Very elegant, made with superb materials, and a joy to use. More details

WE Hill & Sons Violin Bow circa 1940


WE Hill & Sons Violin Bow circa 1940
This a lovely Hill bow by Arthur Copley, silver mounted, and with its original whalebone lapping. Although it bears the WE Hill & Son stamp reserved for their best bows, it’s a bit tatty here and there, hence the bargain price. There are no significant condition issues, but the frog is chipped and has a repaired crack, the stick’s a bit nibbled here and there, and the silver face plate is slightly dented. More details

WE Hill & Sons Violin Bow, London circa 1950


WE Hill & Sons Violin BowThis is a lovely Hill bow from the late 1940s, bearing no maker’s mark on the face but probably the work of Arthur Brown. The bow is branded WE H&S – Hill bows were sorted into 4 grades before branding, WE H&S being the second level of quality. This example is in perfect condition, dead straight and without defect– it’s made of octagonal section dark brown pernambuco, and has plain ebony mounts with a silver ferrule and face. The frog is mounted with a full pearl slide and heel, and the adjuster is silver. More details

Emile F Ouchard Violin Bow, Mirecourt circa 1920


Emile F Ouchard Violin Bow
This is a great Ouchard stick with replacement mounts. Composite bows such as this one give a player the opportunity to buy a fine and fully functional stick at a bargain price. More details

Louis Morizot Violin Bow for Collin-Mézin, Mirecourt circa 1930


Louis Morizot violin bow
Collin-Mézin is one of the best known names in the violin trade, and their violins show great artistry and attention to detail. The bows bearing the firm’s brand are equally desirable – the majority, like this one, made by the Morizot workshop in Mirecourt under the direction of Louis Morizot. More details

Eugène Sartory Violin Bow, Paris circa 1930

Recently sold, £4,500

Eugène Sartory Violin Bow
Sartory is without doubt the most popular maker of bows of any period and from any part of the world. His bows are highly sought after and the price just keeps going up! Here we have a “poor man’s Sartory”, in other words a great Sartory stick with a repaired head and replacement mounts. More details

WE Hill & Son Violin Bow, London circa 1935


W E Hill Violin Bow
Hill bows are renowned for their reliability and quality of workmanship, and pre-WWII bows with the”WE Hill & Sons” brand are the most sought after. Here we have a very good example with its original whalebone lapping, in unusually fine condition. Branded “O” and “L” under the frog, probably the work of Arthur Scarbrow. More details

Louis Piernot Violin Bow, Paris circa 1925


Louis Piernot Violin Bow
This is an unusually good Piernot bow made for Chanot-Chardon and carrying their brand. It’s in exceptional condition and it plays beautifully. More details

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