Mirecourt Violin, Charles Brugère Workshop, 1907


Charles Brugère Workshop violinAn excellent Mirecourt violin with a fine tone, rather better than your average Collin-Mézin! Lovely size and in near perfect condition.

I’m a big fan of better Mirecourt trade violins – for sound they often rival C20 Italian violins costing 10 times the price. Their only drawback is that they tend to be big, with 35.9 and 36cm being the standard. However, here we have a very good example of the genre in a rather more comfortable size. In fact everything about this violin is a bit better than average – the wood is first class, the workmanship very precise, the scroll exquisitely French. The label states “Giacomo Lugieri” etc. but this is an Italianized version of Charles Brugère! The varnish is subtle and lustrous, with the scroll and corner edges nicely set off in black. The condition of this violin is faultless – a few dings to the varnish but no cracks or damages whatsoever.

The other accusation that is quite resonably levelled at Mirecourt instruments of the period is that they are a bit bright and strident. Not this violin! The tone is rich and smooth, tending to the dark, but still clear and articulate. It’s a very fine sounding instrument – probably not the right violin for slugging out the big concertos at conservatoire, but full of colour and very engaging. The sound is consistent and well balanced throughout the register, always musical and never harsh. Really an exceptional violin of its type …

Length of back 35.5cm, stop 129/195mm

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Charles Brugère Workshop violin Charles Brugère Workshop violin Charles Brugère Workshop violin Charles Brugère Workshop violin

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