Joseph Calot Violin, Paris circa 1815

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Joseph Calot ViolinA fine violin made by Joseph Calot in the workshop of Nicolas Lupot, in near perfect condition.

The following text appears in the ChiMei Museum catalogue:

Joseph Calot (1793-1852) was born in Mirecourt. He moved to Paris in 1809 to study violin making under Nicolas Lupot. In 1820 he was married in Mirecourt.

In 1820 he moved to Turin and began working at the studio Giovanni Pressenda had just set up. The two luthiers became closely acquainted and exchanged views on their craft. They showed similarities in their choice of varnishes and molds. Around the year 1830 Calot moved back to Paris and worked with Clement Eulry. He died in Turin in 1852.

It can be seen that Calot’s instruments were greatly influenced by the Turin style at the time, especially seen in the more rectangular arching in the front and back of the instruments. His choice of varnishes was influenced by Nicolas Lupot and mostly showed a yellowish red color. The cutting of the sound holes draw special attention (the wings of the F-holes are carved deeper) as it can be mistaken as the style of ancient French string instruments. The making of the exterior and interior are both detailed and ornate; the design of the scroll is unique and individualistic, and the labels on the body are richly varied. Overall it can be said that Calot’s instruments show similarities to the Lupot-style French instruments.

Calot’s instruments are very rare, but his works reveal distinct features of violin making of the Italian Turin school and the French school at the time.

Certificate : JJ Rampal, Paris 2016

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Joseph Calot Violin, Paris circa 1815 Joseph Calot Violin, Paris circa 1815 Joseph Calot Violin, Paris circa 1815 Joseph Calot Violin, Paris circa 1815

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