Roger Francois Lotte Violin Bow, Mirecourt circa 1950 (later mounts)


Roger Francois Lotte Violin Bow, Mirecourt circa 1950This is a classic Mirecourt bow made by Roger Francois Lotte, branded Georges Coné & Fils Lyon. Lotte supplied a lot of unbranded bows like this to French violin-makers such as Coné. The mounts are not typical of Lotte – although they are a perfect fit and of fine quality, it seems wise to assume they aren’t original. The stick is of round section red pernambuco – the wire lapping appears original and everything is in excellent condition.

This is a very strong bow with a huge sound, slightly granular, great for livening up a plain-sounding violin! It works well on and off the string, and produce a lot of sound for a minimal effort. A very solid and versatile French bow at an affordable price …

Dimensions: Length 74.4cm, weight 59 grams

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Roger Francois Lotte Violin Bow Roger Francois Lotte Violin Bow
Roger Francois Lotte Violin Bow Roger Francois Lotte Violin Bow

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