WE Hill & Sons Violin Bow, London circa 1970


WE Hill & Sons Violin BowThis is a superb gold and tortoiseshell mounted Hill bow from the 1970s. The bow is branded WE Hill & Son, this brand being reserved for the best quality of sticks. However, we don’t need the brand to tell us what the quality of the bow is, since gold and tortoiseshell Hills are the pinnacle of their output.

We currently have two gold mounted Hill bows, and in many ways they are similar. Even though this one has a tortoiseshell frog it’s a bit cheaper – simply because it’s a more recent example. It’s in perfect condition, dead straight and unblemished – it’s made of octagonal section mid brown pernambuco, and has gold mounts and a gold face. The stick is dated 1974.

This is quite a heavy bow with a lively spring – while it has the same fundamental character as this one (URL) there are subtle differences in playability. This bow has a brighter sound, and is a little more solistic – however, it’s noticeably heavier and perhaps would suit a stronger player. As with all top level Hills, it performs faultlessly and will continue to do so for centuries to come – it has a lovely creamy quality to the sound, and a solid and confident character.

Dimensions: Length 74.2cm, weight 62.4 grams

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WE Hill & Sons Violin Bow WE Hill & Sons Violin Bow
WE Hill & Sons Violin Bow WE Hill & Sons Violin Bow

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