Charles JB Collin-Mézin 7/8 Violin, 1901


7/8 ViolinHere’s a very fine 7/8 Collin-Mézin with a 4/4 sound! It’s in spectacular condition for its age, and it plays beautifully.

Collin-Mézin is one of the most reliable names in the violin trade. From the mid 1870s till the early 1900s the Collin-Mézin shop produced consistently excellent instruments, beautifully made and tonally outstanding. Sadly their production deteriorated rapidly from about 1910 as they expanded and industrialised, but this violin is from their “golden period”. It’s a 7/8 or “ladies” violin”, but also eminently suitable for a smaller adult – because it’s quite broad and deep it doesn’t seem in any way small in tone.

The condition is spectacular – no cracks or damages, the edges, corners and original varnish very well preserved. The violin is beautifully set up with a good bridge by Colin Irving.

We try to always keep a couple of earlier Collin-Mézins in stock – they are very popular! This popularity can be easily attributed to the fact that they are a very solid bet in terms of sound, but they are also very attractively made – elegant and refined and somehow quintessentially French.

For a small violin the sound is exceptional – in fact I wonder if it isn’t rather better than the average fullsize model. It has a gutsy lower register, a brilliant and sweet high register, and you can travel from the bottom to the top of this violin without any real change in character. No weak or pokey notes, just a consistently warm, lively and fruity tone – lots of volume, great response, classic Collin-Mézin!

Length of back 34.7cm, stop 125/187mm

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7/8 Violin 7/8 Violin 7/8 Violin 7/8 Violin


7/8 Violin 7/8 Violin
7/8 Violin


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