A Mirecourt 7/8 Violin, Poirsons Label, 1914


Mirecourt 7/8 ViolinThis is a fine sounding Mirecourt 7/8 violin, ideal for a smaller player, and very affordable.

According to Roland Terrier’s excellent website, Louis Poirsons is a trade name – one of the many fanciful names of purported violin makers invented by the Mireourt workshops. And while it’s charming in its own way, this violin is no more than a very typical Mirecourt instrument, of the sort which might be seen with a Bertholini label. It’s made on a loosely Amati model – while the back length is shortened the width hasn’t been scaled down to the same extent, and this undoubtedly helps to preserve the sound quality.

The condition is reasonably good – there’s a well repaired post crack in the table (patched on the inside), there’s a fair bit of varnish chipping to the edges and there are marks from a shoulder rest, but there are no other cracks or damages.

The sound of this violin is lively yet sopthisticated – “sugary” would be the best word for it. Lots of overtones, a good robust G and excellent balance all the way up to the top of the E. Not a powerhouse but not tentative either – very responsive, drawing a full tone without massive bow pressure, but also capable of belting it out when playing close to the bridge. Plenty of sustain, and a generally amenable character which lends itself to musicality.

A very satisfying instrument to play, suited to any kind of repertoire, and very inexpensive for what it offers.

Dimensions: back length 34.6cm, stop 128/185

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Mirecourt 7/8 Violin front photo Mirecourt 7/8 Violin back photo Mirecourt 7/8 Violin side photo Mirecourt 7/8 Violin scroll photo
Mirecourt 7/8 Violin label photo      

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