Here we have a near-mint Carl Albert Nürnberger, a splendid, austere looking bow with a big fruity sound.

We have a few good Nürnbergers right now, but this one takes the biscuit when it comes to condition and overall appearance. Dating from around 1935, and made by Carl Albert, the stick is of octagonal section dark red-brown pernambuco with a subtle vertical flame, mounts are silver and ebony.

The condition is exemplary – there are a few minor scratches, but all edges and chamfers are sharp and clean.

This is a classic Nürnberger, with quite a supple stick and a big opulent tone. It’s a supremely comfortable bow, and it doesn’t suffer from the excessive weight that tends to mar this maker’s later work. Ideally suited to an orchestral player who needs a full and imperturbable legato and a stress-free pianissimo. Also a highly collectable example of this maker’s work.

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