This is a very fine example of the work of André Chardon – in excellent condition, made with spectacular wood, and an exuberant playing bow.

André Chardon is a maker whose work is quite rare – he wasn’t prolific but his bows are of very high quality, often made using the wonderful wood which was passed down through his family from Georges Chanot.

This bow has a round (ish) stick made from deeply veined honey coloured pernambuco of the type that we often see in the better Sartory bows made during the 1930s. I say “round-ish” because the cross-section follows a Peccatte model and is higher than it is wide.

Mounts are silver and ebony.

The bow is in excellent condition throughout – the only minor flaw is a slight loss of ebony above the eye of the frog on the player’s side.

This is the first viola bow by André Chardon that we’ve handled and I’m quite impressed. The conception is unique – clearly inspired by Dominique Peccatte, using lower density wood and a tall cross-section to get power without sacrificing suppleness.

The tone is at once gutsy and zingy – lots of colour, good volume, and great attack. Staccato seems to come very easily, and the bow has a hefty sound without being in any way sluggish.

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