A good Hill bow from 1936, made by Arthur Scarbrow. Branded “Hill” and with a plain frog with no back plate, this is nonetheless a great player’s bow in excellent condition.

The Hill workshop produced bows for all budgets, and the bows branded “Hill” were inexpensive. But the costs were cut in the materials, not the quality control, and many of these lowlier grades of Hills play wonderfully.

Typical economies here include the lack of decoration to the frog, and the absence of a back plate (“plain back” to use the Hill terminology).

However, the stick is very nicely flamed pernambuco, round section and mid-brown in colour. Mounts are silver and ebony.

The silver face is marked ‘0’ for Arthur Scarbrow, the stick is dated 36 under the frog, andstick and frog have a matiching assembly mark ‘P’.

The bow shows very few signs of use – no condition issue other than some minimal wear to the handle and a small missing splinter of wood on the stick behind the frog on the audience side. And of course the original whalebone lapping has been replaced at some point.

Another very solid and satisfying player – a powerful but supple bow with a full rounded tone.

Although the feel of this bow is quite cushioned, it’s not sluggish. It has something of a 19th century feel, and with its easy action and warm tone it would be an ideal orchestral bow, particularly suited to big Romantic repertoire.

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