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Carl Albert Nürnberger Violin Bow, Markneukirchen circa 1920


 Carl Albert Nürnberger Violin Bow
Carl Albert Nürnberger was one of the third generation of bowmakers from this important German family. His work is very accomplished and quite distinctive, particularly the bold Parisian eyes and the use of plain mother of pearl. More details

Étienne Pajeot Violin Bow, Mirecourt circa 1825


Étienne Pajeot Violin Bow
Étienne Pajeot is one of the most important figures in the history of bow-making. This example is a top class player’s bow in very fine condition The original frog is an experimental open ebony frog – we are offering the bow with an additional and more workable copy frog made by Yannick Le Canu. More details

Tino Lucke Violin Bow, Berlin 2006


Tino Lucke Violin Bow
Tino Lucke is a highly respected modern maker whose bows are in great demand amongst players. Here we have a beautiful example of his work in mint condition. More details

Antonio Gragnani Violin, Livorno 1768-80

Price on application

Antonio Gragnani ViolinAntonio Gragnani is a maker whose work is immediately recognizable and unique – here we have a lovely example made affordable by the fact that the head is later. The sound is brilliant and exciting. More details

Lorenzo & Tomasso Carcassi, Florence 1772

Price on application

Lorenzo & Tomasso CarcassiThe brothers Lorenzo and Tomasso Carcassi collaborated on violins between around 1750 and 1780, and produced numerous superb sounding violins on a Stainer model. This is a very fine example in excellent condition for its age, with a powerful and limpid tone suitable for a demanding professional. More details

Karel Pilar Violin, Hradec Králové 1951


Karel Pilar ViolinThis is a very fine mid/20th century violin by one of the great Czech makers, Karel Pilar. It’s a beautiful looking instrument in near mint condition, with a very responsive and engaging concert sound. More details

James Tubbs Viola Bow, London circa 1870


James Tubbs Viola Bow
This is a great early James Tubbs viola bow made for WE Hill whose brand it bears. It’s in a very fine state of preservation and it’s an unusually versatile player. More details

William Tubbs Viola Bow, London circa 1860


William Tubbs Viola Bow
This is a very fine viola bow made for James Dodd by William Tubbs. It’s an exceptional example in excellent condition, and it plays beautifully. More details

FN Voirin Viola Bow, Paris circa 1875


FN Voirin Viola Bow
FN Voirin is a maker whose influence cannot be underestimated. His precision and artistry have never been superseded, and his bows are the most refined of all the French makers. This viola bow is a beautiful example of his work in excellent condition. More details

Georges Chanot Violin, Paris circa 1830


Georges Chanot ViolinGeorges Chanot is widely regarded as one of the greatest French makers, with a very personal style and a great reputation for tone. This example is an early Strad model, very artistic and with a phenomenal sound. More details

Jacob Fendt Violin, London circa 1840


Jacob Fendt ViolinLike his brother Martin, Jacob Fendt produced beautifully observed copies of the classical Cremonese masters which sound every bit as sumptuous as they look. Sadly he lived a short life and there are very few examples of his work remaining. More details

A Markneukirchen Violin Bow, Tubbs Copy circa 1920


A Markneukirchen Violin Bow, Tubbs Copy
This is a very well observed Tubbs copy from the early 20th century, almost certainly made in Markneukirchen. It’s in perfect condition with no flaws or damages. The stick draws a big broad sound with very little effort, and performs well off the string too. An excellent all-rounder for an advancing player. More details

K. Gerhard Penzel Violin Bow, Erlbach circa 1980


K. Gerhard Penzel Violin Bow
The Penzel family have been making bows for over a century, and are still in business. K. Gerhard Penzel (1929-2017) was the third generation of the family. This bow is their top of the range “exquisit” model in gold and tortoiseshell, and is a superb playing stick in near mint condition. More details

Johann Scheverle Viola, Prague circa 1770


Johann Scheverle ViolaWe have become completely besotted with the Prague makers – their instruments are of the highest level tonally, yet still so undervalued in the marketplace. Scheverle is a rare maker who is believed to have apprenticed with Hellmer – here we have a superb sounding viola of an excellent size. More details

JTL Violin, Mirecourt circa 1895


JTL ViolinIt’s very hard to beat a good JTL violin, and this is an unusually good one – very attractive, in great condition, and with an excellent sound. More details

Wilhelm Knopf Viola Bow, Markneukirchen circa 1870

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Wilhelm Knopf Viola Bow
This is a composite bow – the stick is by Wilhelm Knopf, the button also Knopf and of the period, the frog later. It represents a great opportunity to get a superb player’s bow at a bargain price. More details

FN Voirin Violin Bow, Paris circa 1880


FN Voirin Violin Bow
FN Voirin is one of the few genuinely important makers, and here we have an unusually fine example of his work in excellent condition. It’s also a very strong stick with superb playing qualities. More details

James & John Simpson Viola, London circa 1780


James & John Simpson ViolaA very fine late 18th century small viola bearing the J&J Simpson label, with a full and rich viola sound. More details

François Xavier Tourte Violin Bow, Paris circa 1810

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François Xavier Tourte Violin Bow
FX Tourte is the “ne plus ultra” of bow-making. Like Stradivari and the violin, he created the modern bow, and his achievements have never been surpassed in any significant way. Here we have a very fine example, beautifully preserved, and with superb playing qualities. There are some minor condition issues, and for a Tourte it’s almost affordable!

Ex-Iona Brown More details

Nicolaus Georg Skomal Violin, Graz 1804


Nicolaus Georg Skomal ViolinNicolaus Skomal was a Prague maker who lived and worked in Graz, Austria, producing violin family instruments as well as guitars and lutes. This violin is beautifully made exhibiting great skill, and the sound is first class. More details

A Good Mittenwald Violin, circa 1820


A Good Mittenwald ViolinThis is a lovely Mittenwald “Verleger” violin in outstanding condition, with a bright zingy sound that’s full of character. More details

Gustav Lütschg Violin, Bern 1927


Gustav Lütschg ViolinGustav Lütschg was a fine Swiss maker, pupil of and successor to Gustav Methfessel. This violin is a lovely example of his work in near-perfect condition, with a rich and slightly dark sound. More details

Joseph Alfred Lamy (Père) Violin Bow, Paris circa 1895


Joseph Alfred Lamy (Père) Violin Bow
This is a very fine Joseph Alfred Lamy in excellent condition, stamped A Lamy à Paris. It’s in great condition and it has a brilliant and sophisticated sound. More details

Antonio Rovetta Violin, Brescia 1898


Antonio Rovetta ViolinThis is a lovely and idiosyncratic late 19th century Italian violin bearing an authentic label and brand from Antonio Rovetta. It’s a great sounding instrument and very affordable … More details

Hippolyte Chrétien Silvestre Violin, Lyon 1876


Hippolyte Chrétien Silvestre ViolinThe Silvestre family were at the heart of French violin-making in the 19th century, with strong connections to Gand and Vuillaume – to my mind HC Silvestre was the most successful maker in the family. Here we have a beautiful HC Silvestre in near-mint condition and with a top-class concert sound. More details

Giovanni & Giuseppe Dollenz Violin, Trieste circa 1855


Giovanni & Giuseppe Dollenz VioliFor a long time Giovanni Dollenz’s rare ability as a maker has been attributed to some connection with Storioni – such stories sell violins! Whatever his influences, he was a maker with a dashing and individual style. The violins in the 1850s were made in collaboration with his son Giuseppe, who is regarded as in every way the equal of his father. More details

Pierre Silvestre Violin, Lyon 1852


Pierre Silvestre ViolinPierre Silvestre is one of the greatest of French violin makers – he was direct successor to Lupot, and founder of the all-important Lyon school. I have a real soft spot for the Silvestres, but Pierre was the real talent! This violin is a rare Guarneri pattern, it’s in great condition if rather well-loved, and the sound is exceptional. More details

Gand & Bernardel Viola, Paris 1888


Gand & Bernardel ViolaGand & Bernardel were the largest and most prestigious Parisian workshop of the late 19th century. To a great extent they took on the mantle of JB Vuillaume, adopting similar working practices, employing excellent makers and also producing beautiful bows. More details

Emile Auguste Ouchard Viola Bow, New York circa 1950


Emile Auguste Ouchard Viola Bow
Emile Auguste Ouchard is one of the most highly valued bow makers of the 20th century. His style is individual and very precise, and the playing qualities of his bows are rarely surpassed. Many professionals use an EA Ouchard. This fine viola bow from his New York period is a very good example, powerful yet responsive and with a huge sound. More details

Pierre Simon Cello Bow, Paris circa 1860


Pierre Simon Cello Bow
Pierre Simon is one of the great bowmakers of the mid 19th century, closely associated with Dominique Peccatte and Joseph Henry, but working in his own distinctive manner. Simon bows engender a quite fanatical devotion on the part of their owners – their combination of robustness and agility is unique.

This bow is a composite – all by Simon, but the mounts from another bow. There are some signs of use but generally the bow is in excellent condition. More details

Joseph Alfred Lamy Cello Bow, Paris circa 1890


Joseph Alfred Lamy Cello Bow,
Joseph Alfred Lamy (or Lamy Père) stands slightly in the shadow of his teacher and mentor FN Voirin, but his work oozes elegance and finesse. Lamy’s cello bows are particularly fine, with the most beautiful elongated head shape. This is a lovely example in fine condition – deep red round section pernambuco stick, silver and ebony mounts with a plain eye and 3-part adjuster. More details

Hermann Prell Violin Bow, Markneukirchen circa 1910


Hermann Prell Violin Bow
Hermann Prell was a superb Markneukirchen maker who apprenticed with Nürnberger and then famously worked as a journeyman for Sartory. Here we have a beautiful gold-mounted bow of his in excellent condition. More details

James Tubbs Viola Bow, London circa 1890


James Tubbs Viola Bow
A James Tubbs viola bow is a rare thing – this example is from Tubbs’ middle period and completely typical. It’s a Rolls Royce of a bow, big, opulent and brimming with confidence. It has some signs of use but there are no cracks or damages. More details

Alessandro Carlesso Cello Bow, Brazil 2013


Alessandro Carlesso Cello Bow
Alessandro Carlesso makes superb bows from Brazilian pernambuco – his work is very fine and the wood is outstanding. This bow has a round stick of very dark wood and is silver mounted with an ornamental adjuster.

A very dense stick, giving a lot of power for the weight – not brand new but with minimal wear. More details

James Tubbs Violin Bow, London circa 1890


James Tubbs Violin Bow
Sometimes I think we should open up a shop just to sell Tubbs bows – we seem to be selling more and more, and it’s great to see this unique maker taking his rightful place. Here we have a very good and typical middle period example in great condition. More details

Auguste Barbé Violin Bow, Paris circa 1890


Auguste Barbé Violin Bow
Auguste Barbé worked exclusively for Gand & Bernardel and for this reason is not nearly as well known as he should be. However, his bows are sublte and almost indistinguishable from those of his close colleague FN Voirin. Here we have a lightweight example in top condition. More details

Victor Fétique Viola Bow, Paris circa 1910


Victor Fétique Viola Bow
Victor Fétique bows are a very safe choice – they are beautifully made, they always work, and they have flair! This viola bow is in fantastic condition and the pernambuco has a remarkable flame. The weight and balance are ideal too. More details

FN Voirin Cello Bow, Paris circa 1880


FN Voirin Cello Bow
FN Voirin is the most highly regarded maker of the late 19th century – his work is particularly admired for its precision and beauty. In spite of their lightness his bows are much in demand for their luminous tone. Here we have a lovely lightweight cello bow, very strong for its weight and in excellent condition. More details

Emile Mennesson Violin, Reims 1876


Emile Mennesson ViolinEmile Mennesson was a phenomenally successful maker who used the outside mold system to produce very fine violins in large quantities. This is a very good example of his “Guarini” labelled violins, based on the Stradivari Messiah. More details

Charles JB Collin-Mézin Violin, Paris 1887


Charles JB Collin-Mézin ViolinCollin-Mézin is one of the best known names in the violin trade. 19th century instruments made by CH JB Collin-Mézin offer great tone and great workmanship at an affordable price. More details

Collin-Mézin Violin labelled Giacomelli, Mirecourt 1934


Collin-Mézin Violin labelled GiacomelliCollin-Mézin is pretty much a household name, and their violins are always popular with teachers and students. Here we have a late example with a Giacomelli label, very nicely made, near mint, and with a great sound. More details

François Lotte Viola Bow, Mirecourt circa 1935


François Lotte Viola Bow
This is a very handy viola bow made by François Lotte for Collin-Mézin, and bearing their brand. An all-round great player, and in excellent condition – however, the adjuster is nickel and not original to the stick. More details

FN Voirin Violin Bow, Paris circa 1880


FN Voirin Violin Bow
FN Voirin is close to the top of anyone’s list of makers. Here we are offering 4/5ths of a Voirin, since the upper fifth of the bow is a splice. However, the work is beautiful and the bow still has the special Voirin feeling. More details

Laberte Shop Violin, Mirecourt circa 1920

Recently sold

Laberte Shop ViolinThe Laberte Workshops in Mirecourt produced a phenomenal number of violins in the early 1900s, in all shapes, sizes, and price brackets. This is a perfectly preserved “Vuillaume” labelled violin, a good midrange Laberte with an exceptional sound. More details

Eugène Sartory Violin Bow, Paris circa 1895


Eugène Sartory Violin Bow
This is a very fine early Sartory bow in excellent condition from the collection of the renowned Slovenian violinist and pedagogue Igor Ozim. Sartory prices continue to rise at an alarming rate, and well-presered early examples such as this fetch a premium. More details

Gabriel Lemböck Violin, Vienna 1862


More details

Hermann Dölling Violin Bow, Markneukirchen circa 1970


Mounts: silver/ebony

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Hermann Dölling Violin Bow base photo Hermann Dölling Violin Bow frog photo
Hermann Dölling Violin Bow head photo Hermann Dölling Violin Bow tip photo


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James Tubbs violin bow, London circa 1910


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Mounts: silver/ebony

Nicholas Maline Violin Bow, Paris circa 1835


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Mounts: nickel/ebony

Paul Bailly Violin, Paris circa 1900


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Karel Vávra Violin, Prague 1950


Karel Vávra ViolinPrague has a long and fine tradition of violin-making, and the early 20th century Prague makers produced some of the best sounding modern violins around. Karel Vávra was a leading maker of this school, and here we have a very fine Guarneri-inspired violin of his from 1950. More details

Alex Smillie Violin, Glasgow circa 1890


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Caussin Workshop Violin, Neufchateau circa 1880


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Sebastian Kloz Violin, Mittenwald circa 1730


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Alfred Knoll Viola Bow, Markneukirchen circa 1960


Mounts: gold/ebony

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Charles Nicholas Bazin Viola Bow, Mirecourt circa 1900


Mounts: silver/ebony

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A Good German Violin Bow branded J. Knopf circa 1900

Recently sold

A Good German Violin Bow branded J. Knopf
Although this bow is branded J Knopf, it’s almost certainly a Pfretzschner! It’s a great bow, and it confounds any prejudice one might have about German makers – the wood is exceptional, the head very artistic, and the stick perfectly balanced and weighted. A lot cheaper than a Sartory but very similar in feel … More details

Riccardo Genovese Violin, Montiglio 1926


Riccardo Genovese Violin
More details

François Peccatte Violin Bow, Paris circa 1845


François Peccatte Violin Bow
More details

A Milanese Violin circa 1720, possibly Carlo Rotta


A Milanese Violin
More details

Victor Fétique Cello Bow, Paris circa 1930


Victor Fétique Cello Bow
Another lovely cello bow by one of the more reliable 20th century makers. This example is very strong – the condition is excellent apart from a chip in the end of the stick by the adjuster and a bit of repairwork to the back plate. More details

EF&EA Ouchard Violin Bow, Mirecourt circa 1930


EF&EA Ouchard Violin Bow
This is a very fine bow from the EF Ouchard workshop, showing the hand of his supremely talented son EA Ouchard, and branded “Villaume Freres” (a dealership in Nancy). A very strong yet nimble stick, and in great condition barring a few minor scratches. More details

EF Ouchard Viola Bow, Mirecourt circa 1925


EF Ouchard Viola Bow
Emile F Ouchard is a highly underestimated maker, – here we have a great viola bow with the playing qualities so typical of this make – a strong yet very articulate stick, and a broad but focused sound. This is a well used bow with a slight dent behind the head on the audience side, otherwise in excellent condition. More details

Caspar Strnad Violin, Prague circa 1790

Recently sold

Caspar Strnad ViolinCaspar Strnad is in my opinion one of the most undervalued makers in the entire history of violin-making. His instruments are always wonderful players, easily out-performing most Italian violins of the period. Here we have a great sounding example in fine condition, with the possible exception of an alteration to the lower soundholes. More details

James Tubbs Violin Bow, London circa 1885


James Tubbs Violin Bow
We are serious fans of James Tubbs, and we sell more bows by him than by any other maker. This is a very typical example of his middle period work, with the rounded ferrule, long adjuster and silver face that are his hallmarks. Some wear to the handle and the thumb projection, in good condition overall and an excellent player. More details

Victor Fétique Cello Bow, Paris circa 1925


Victor Fétique Cello Bow
Victor Fétique is a hugely popular maker – still relatively affordable, his bows are always beautifully executed yet functional. This cello bow has had a good deal of use but remains in very good condition. More details

James Tubbs Violin Bow, London circa 1870


James Tubbs Violin Bow
Although unbranded, this early Tubbs bow was most likely made for WE Hill & Son. It has all the strong characteristics of Tubbs’ work at this time – it’s very precisely made using beautiful and heavily flamed pernambuco. The condition is outstanding. More details

James Tubbs Violin Bow, London circa 1895


James Tubbs Violin Bow
This is a classic middle period Tubbs bow in excellent condition. The pernambuco has a dramatic flame and the pearl eye is unusually bold – very appealing to look at and a great player too. More details

James Tubbs/WE Hill Violin Bow, London circa 1880


James Tubbs/WE Hill Violin Bow
This is a fine early period James Tubbs, made for Hills and bearing their brand on both sides of the handle. Unusually light in colour for a Tubbs – some minor condition issues but otherwise a stunning bow from this great if erratic maker. More details

Alecio Reis Violin Bow, Brazil/UK 2014


Alecio Reis Violin Bow
Alecio Reis is a Brazilian bowmaker based in Cheltenham, UK. He has access to some superb pernambuco! This is a very attractive bow which he made for us a few years ago – it has been well used and much loved, but its owner has recently ugraded with us. We’re delighted to offer it again … More details

Joseph Arthur Vigneron Violin Bow, Paris circa 1895


Joseph Arthur Vigneron Violin Bow
Joseph-Arthur Vigneron is another of the great names in French bow-making. Like so many of the better late 19th century makers he worked for Gand & Bernardel before setting up on his own. He developed his own very successful model, rather more masculine than Voirin or Lamy, always beautifully proportioned. More details

Jean Joseph Martin Violin Bow, Paris circa 1870


Jean Joseph Martin Violin Bow
Jean Martin was one of the extraordinary team of makers assembled by JB Vuillaume, and his bows very often follow the Vuillaume model. This is a more personal creation with a distinctive head – very unusually it bears an authentic Dominique Peccatte brand. The bow is in near perfect condition. More details

Dominique Peccatte Viola Bow, Paris circa 1845

Price on application

Dominique Peccatte Viola Bow
Dominique Peccatte is one of the greatest French makers, second only to FX Tourte in the eyes of the world. Here we have a very rare viola bow in near mint condition, very strong and perfectly weighted. The original plain ebony mounts are supplied with the bow. More details

A French Violin Bow, Mirecourt circa 1890


A French Violin Bow
This is a very attractive French violin bow made in Mirecourt, branded J Hel a Lille. It’s in fine condition and it draws an excellent sound. More details

Victor Fétique Violin Bow, Paris circa 1920


Victor Fétique Violin Bow
This is an unusually beautiful Victor Fétique in great condition. Made with spectacularly flamed wood, and a great player into the bargain. More details

Claude Thomassin Violin Bow, Paris circa 1905


Claude Thomassin Violin Bow
This is a very fine German bow made in imitation of Claude Thomassin. It’s a great player, strong yet refined, and in excellent condition. More details

Marcel Lapierre Violin Bow, Mirecourt circa 1950

Recently sold

Marcel Lapierre Violin Bow
Marcel Lapierre is a highly under-rated French maker, and his bows represent exceptional value for money. This is a beautifully preserved example with great playing qualities. More details

Louis Morizot Violin Bow, Mirecourt circa 1930


Louis Morizot Violin Bow
Louis Morizot is best known for his collaboration with Sartory. He made bows of all qualities, both uder his own name and for the trade, and his best creations are of the highest quality. More details

Nicolas Simon Violin Bow, Paris circa 1840


Nicolas Simon Violin Bow
Nicolas Simon (also known as Simon Fr.) is a superb maker whose life and origins are still poorly documented. All we can say with certainty is that he made exceptional bows broadly in the style of Peccatte. More details

Eugène Sartory Violin Bow, Paris circa 1925


Eugène Sartory Violin Bow
Everyone knows the name Sartory, indeed he is probably the most popular maker of all time! Here we have a very fine example from his best period, beautifully presented and in great condition. More details

Michael Taylor Violin Bow for Ealing Strings, London 1989


Michael Taylor Violin Bow for Ealing Strings
Michael Taylor is a great contemporary maker who spent most of his working life at Ealing Strings. Now living and working in Spain, Michael continues to make bows of unusual beauty. More details

Gold-mounted Eugène Sartory violin bow, Paris c1915


Gold-mounted Eugène Sartory violin bow
More details

Charles François Gand (Père) Violin, Paris 1843


Charles François Gand (Père) Violin
More details

James Tubbs Viola Bow, London circa 1900


James Tubbs Viola Bow
More details

Karel Vávra Violin, Prague 1941


More details

Emile Ouchard Cello Bow, Mirecourt circa 1925


More details

Hippolyte Camille Lamy Violin Bow, Paris circa 1920


Joseph Alfred Lamy Violin Bow
This is a typically elegant bow by HC Lamy (Fils), very close in style to the work of his father Joseph Alfred Lamy, and in excellent condition. More details

James Tubbs Violin Bow, London circa 1900


More details

FN Voirin Violin Bow, Paris circa 1880


FN Voirin Violin Bow
Voirin is one of the big names, unrivalled for the beauty and exactness of his work. Here we have an unusually well preserved example of this great maker’s work – it’s also a terrific player with ideal weight and balance. More details

Claude Joseph Fonclause Violin Bow, Mirecourt circa 1830


Claude Joseph Fonclause Violin Bow
Joseph Fonclause is a rare maker whose work is highly appreciated by soloists. There we have a fine early example in excellent condition – a very powerful stick with a great tone. More details

HR Pfretzschner Violin Bow, Markneukirchen circa 1960


HR Pfretzschner Violin Bow
An exceptional gold mounted HR Pfretzschner violin bow in near perfect condition – and a big sound. More details

Charles JB Collin-Mézin Violin, Paris 1884


More details

Roze Viola, Orléans 1758


More details

Jean-François Aldric Violin, Paris 1835


Jean-François Aldric ViolinJean-François Aldric is one of the great names in French making, of the same generation as Lupot and Pique. In his later years he made superb Stradivari copies modelled on originals which he obtained from Luigi Tarisio, and our violin is one of these – a very faithful Strad copy displaying exquisite workmanship, with a real concert sound. More details

Michael Albani Violin, Bolzano circa 1720


Michael Albani ViolinThe Albani family played a huge role in the development of violin-making, and yet their instruments are rarely seen. This violin is a very interesting example, following very closely on the work of Matthias but made by his son Michael. Always more successful tonally than Stainer (the other Tyrolean), this violin is no exception. More details

Angelo Soliani Violin, Modena circa 1800

£30,000 Reserved

Angelo Soliani ViolinAngelo Soliani violins are quite rare, and they are highly prized for their quality of tone. He seems to have been heavily influenced by Guadagnini, and the arching and varnish are very similar. This example is far from pristine, but it’s a great sounding instrument in good restored condition. More details

WE Hill & Son Violin Bow, London circa 1910

Recently sold

WE Hill & Son Violin Bow
This is a superb tortoiseshell mounted Hill bow from the early 20th century in exceptional condition, and one of the best players we have come across. More details

WE Hill & Son Viola Bow, London circa 1920


WE Hill & Son Viola Bow
This is a top of the range Hill viola bow in gold and ivory dating from 1937 – it’s in great condition and it plays beautifully. More details

Roger Gérome Violin Bow, Mirecourt circa 1950


Roger Gérome Violin Bow
Roger Gérome was primarily a dealer in accessories and tonewood, but he developed a very successful relationship with various Mirecourt bow-makers and sold their bows under his own stamp or “Gérome-Devoivre”. This is a lovely example with fine detailing and excellent wood. More details

Giovanni Schwarz Small Viola, Venice 1913


Giovanni Schwarz Small ViolaGiovanni Schwarz was the nephew and apprentice of Eugenio Degani. This instrument bears an authentic Degani label, but it’s signed by Schwarz. Is it a Degani or a Schwarz? Quite a tricky conundrum, but either way a very fine Venetian small viola with an outstanding sound. More details

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