Louis Bazin is a highly under-rated maker whose bows represent excellent value for money – this is a typical example, finely made, great weight, perfect balance…

Made for the firm of Julien Lavest in Montluçon, this is a classic Louis Bazin bow in excellent condition.

The stick is of darkish brown round section pernambuco, the mounts are silver and ebony. There are very few signs of use, all the handle facets are crisp, the frog and button are as new and the stick is relatively unmarked.

I’m a big fan of Louis Bazin bows and am always keen to have them in the shop. This one is a particularly good player, robust and powerful without sacrifiing finesse or agility.

Great off the string action, a creamy legato and a warm yet clear tone -just a great all-round player’s bow.

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