Carl Heinrich Knopf Violin Bow, Berlin circa 1870

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Carl Heinrich Knopf Violin Bow
The Knopf family produced some of the finest bows of the 19th century, and Carl Heinrich’s work is particularly prized. This is a very good example with a certificate from Isaac Salchow.

Since the publication of “Deutsche Bogenmacher”, we have all becom aware of how influential the Knopf family have been in German bow-making. Aside from the bows made under their own stamp, they provided the finest bows for Bausch and Weichold, and made many bows for Kittel. Their work rivals the best French work of the period.

This is a fine looking bow – the octagonal section stick is of dark red pernambuco, with wide and bold chamfers to the head and a typically Knopf curve to the face. The condition is excellent, even down to the original ivory face plate – a beautifully preserved and collectable example.

I’ve become very keen on Heinrich Knopf. Most people are prepared to give a grudging respect to Pfretzschner and Nürnberger, but Knopfs are the pinnacle of German making, and his bows should be prized more highly. This bow has a wonderful quality of tone – very full and meaty yet with a lot of articulation in the high end. The stick is strong with a lively spring, but not too nervous that you can’t draw an easy legato. It has all the qualities one looks for in a Nürnberger, but with a bit more flair and zing! All in all a very successful balance of elements, and a first-class bow from one of the great makers of the 19th century.

Mounts: silver/ebony

Dimensions: Length 74.2cm, weight 60.3 grams

Certificate: Isaac Salchow, New York 2015

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Carl Heinrich Knopf Violin Bow Carl Heinrich Knopf Violin Bow
Carl Heinrich Knopf Violin Bow Carl Heinrich Knopf Violin Bow


Carl Heinrich Knopf Violin Bow


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