Celeste Farotti Violin, Milan 1906


Celeste Farotti ViolinCeleste Farotti is one of the more intriguing early Modern Italians, and many of his violins have been mistaken for much older instruments. Here we have a relatively straight Rocca copy, a beautiful example with a powerful soloist voice. Some minor restoration hence the keen price.

Celeste Farotti is in the first rank of early 20th century Italian makers. Along with a number of other Milanese makers from the Bisiach circle, he turned his hand to copying, antiqueing and even faking, and he has a bit of a louche reputation as a result. But mainly he produced lovely copies of Rocca and Pressenda. This example is a classic Rocca copy with minimal antiqueing – it has a lustrous red-brown varnish with a touch of shading. The condition is generally very good – there’s one neatly repaired crack south of the treble f-hole, a small repair to the upper left rib corner, and some evidence of a repair to the neck joint. A few minor dings to the varnish too, but overall a very beautiful looking instrument.

I won’t pretend this is a violin for a delicate flower – it’s bright, robust and in your face. It has great projection, and it would be an ideal choice for a talented conservatoire player or young soloist taking on the big concertos.

It’s very even across the register, quite resistant, very clear in tone but with a nice crunchy edge. The upper register is outstanding, the E brilliant and penetrating right into the dead zone.

If you’re looking for an easy violin for a bit of Sunday afternoon Palm Court Orchestra action, this is emphatically the wrong violin, but if you want a powerful and supremely audible instrument which will handle a big stage, then look no further.

Dimensions: length of back 35.6cm, stop 130/195mm

Certificate: Eric Blot, Cremona 2018 Celeste Farotti Violin certificate

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Celeste Farotti Violin front photo Celeste Farotti Violin back photo Celeste Farotti Violin side photo Celeste Farotti Violin scroll photo
Celeste Farotti Violin Label Celeste Farotti Violin Label

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