Charles Nicolas Bazin is a great maker whose work is still highly undervalued. This is a lovely cello bow in excellent condition, the property of a professional orchestral player.

There are a number of great Mirecourt makers whose bows compete very favourably with the work of their Parisian counterparts – of these, Charles Nicolas Bazin is surely the most stylish. This bow is typical of his approach – it’s very accurately worked, the materials are first class, and all the details are elegant and well considered.

The stick is of round section pernambuco – deep red and with a beautiful flecked figure. The condition of the bow is excellent overall, with very little wear. There are a couple of small marks to the stick, and the ivory face has some marks in both edges, but it appears original and merits preservation. Apart from the little blemish in the finish behind the thumb leather on the player’s side, there’s nothing else to report.

nb. the certificate states erroneously in the summation that the bow is nickel mounted when in fact it’s silver as stated in the 2nd paragraph – a corrected certificate is on the way!

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