This is an unusually nice example of the work of CN Bazin, one of Mirecourt’s most prolific and accomplished makers. It’s a strong player with a full, rounded sound and the condition is excellent.

Interest in the Bazin family of bowmakers has recently been rekindled by the publication of “Bowmakers of the Bazin Family” and their value is rising steadily.

Charles Nicolas Bazin was the most successful and without doubt the most talented maker of the family, a great innovator and a keen businessman too.

This relatively early bow has his first brand BAZIN both on the stick (almost illegibly) and on the frog. The stick is of excellent red pernambuco, quite plain but very dense. Mounts are silver and ebony.

The condition is very good – some minor wear to the handle and the thumb projection, but no other issues.

This is a strong bow but it’s also sensitive and responsive – quite a combination to pull off, and something that many more famous or highly valued makers rarely manage.

The sound is broad and fat but also entirely clean, and the bow has a positivity and articulacy that’s very satisfying. Everything about this bow feels healthy and unproblematic – the spring is quick, the legato is smooth, it all feels like a walk in the park.

If you’re an extrovert player looking for a big sound then this bow will meet the challenge.

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