This is a unique and highly collectable Vuillaume shop bow made by Charles Peccate. It has its original silk lapping, and the frog has a Stanhope lens with a micro-photo of JB Vuillaume.

Charles Peccatte was the son of Francois Peccatte and the grandson of Dominique Peccatte. He served his apprenticeship with Auguste Lenoble, then served a brief stint in the Vuillaume workshop (1865-1870) during which time this bow was made.

It’s a beautiful early example of his work in an exceptional state of preservation. The JB Vuillaume stamp on the audience side is very crisp, the original silk lapping is undamaged, and there is no wear. Very unusually the micro-photo of Vuillaume is untarnished.

The stick is of remarkable orange-brown pernambuco with a strong random figure.

The only issues to report are a scratch on the player’s side of the face, a small chip in the chamfer on the player’s side, and a possible drying crack under the varnish just below.

This is primarily a collector’s bow which deserves to be looked after with care. However, it’s still a great playing bow with a superb quality of sound. It has lots of shimmer in the high frequencies and a strong and warm core. Like most Vuillaume shop bows it’s quite a supple stick, and you can’t use it as you would a Sartory. But a Sartory wouldn’t have the tonal character and the sense of grip!

Just a beautiful bow in all respects.

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