This is a good Mirecourt violin made in the Couesnon Workshops around 1900-1910. It’s in excellent condition, very attractive in sound and in looks.

The large Mirecourt firms of the late 19th and early 20th centuries produced extraordinary quantities of violins, generally to a very high standard of workmanship, and with the primary aim of offering good tone at an affordable price.

Although missing its label, this violin looks very much like a “Gabriel Magnière”, a model which we believe was sold by the Couesnon firm. It’s a classic higher level Mirecourt violin, very much following the style of Collin-Mézin with a crisp inked scroll and rib joins, nice bee stings in the purfling corners, and fluted tongues to the lower f-holes.

The condition is excellent – absolutely no cracks or repairs, just a bit of wear to the varnish and to the treble corners of the table.

Mirecourt violins of this vintage are still the most reliable option for aspiring students, and this violin illustrates the point well. It’s smooth, responsive and well balanced, with a bright projecting sound devoid of harshness or nasality. Quite a powerful violin, best suited to an extrovert player who’s keen to be heard!

Well set up by a skilled and experienced professional luthier, this violin is in excellent playing order.

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