I could not be more proud of this instrument – those close to me will testify that I am eager to extol its virtues to any and all who will listen! I even asked my violin instructor to play it so I could gain a greater understanding of its range and potential in more experienced hands than my own. (So beautifully crisp and clear!) I am pleased to say that my initial admiration of my violin has only deepened with knowing it better. It is a pleasure to play, inspires and challenges me, and I’m eager to grow with it and into it as I progress. My confidence has improved already. :) It’s a dynamic instrument that is not only absolutely beautiful to look at but possesses great presence and personality. I feel my violin gives me something back when it’s played…that there’s a partnership developing between the instrument and myself. I’m confident that its pleasing richness, body, and clarity will prove versatile and adaptable to many styles – I can hardly wait! It’s an exceptional violin and I am beyond privileged to own it!
Jennifer Williams, Scotland