Domenico Montagnana is the most highly regarded maker of the Venetian school – this is a beautifully restored example with a huge, dark and enveloping sound.

There are very few luthiers outside of classical Cremona who are considered as on a par with these great masters – really the only names that come to mind are Guadagnini and Montagnana.

This violin looks rather different to how it must have looked when new, but it’s still supremely beautiful. The model and the arching show a rare synthesis of strength and elegance, the typical edgework is exact and very distinctive, and the scroll is a delight.

We can still see the remnants of the original fiery red varnish on the inner curves of the scroll and the rear c-bout recurve.

There’s quite a bt of restoration to this violin. Most importantly, there’s a post crack in the back and a full width internal patch. The front has several repaired cracks and there’s some significant retouching to the central platform. However, the violin retains much of its uniqueness, and it’s still a remarkable example of this maker’s work.

The price is very generous – we still devalue by 50% for a back post crack, though many in the trade think this is too big a devaluation for an 18th century violin.

This is a powerful violin with a smooth velvety sound – very resonant and quick off the starting blocks. A noble and always beautiful voice which will work on a big stage.

If you’d like to try this violin, receive a full condition report or get any further information, just get in touch.

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