This is an exceptional Dominique Peccatte viola bow in near mint condition – no wear whatsoever, all the silver is original, as is the ivory face. A very handsome example for a collector or a soloist.

There are a limited number of Dominique Peccatte viola bows surviving, and at any one time there are only two or three for sale worldwide. So it’s all the more special to find one in this sort of condition.

The stick is of outstanding pernambuco, round section, vivid red-brown in colour with a strong flame. Mounts are silver and ebony.

Dominique Peccatte always used very thin silver, and generally his bows have quite a bit of replacement silver, but with this bow everything is original. The ivory face has never been replaced – if you expand the head photos you will see the telltale “overcutting” of the inside of the right angle at the nose. The screw of the adjuster is original, and the iron screws holding the underslide in place are original and relatively uncorroded.

Obviously a bow like this has great appeal for collectors, and there’s a case to be made for keeping it in its current condition. On the other hand, it’s a bow …! Its playing qualities are also exceptional, and it would be a pity if this bow’s genius wasn’t put at the service of a great musician.

The stick is very generous in cross-section, and the bow has massive power. But the wood is also supple and elastic, and there’s an agility and speed of attack which are surprising for such a big bow. It’s very easy to control off the string and the balance is remarkable.

The tone is dense and golden, and every bit of the stick resonates and works to the advantage of the music.

It’s so rare to find this combination of nobility and playfulness in a bow – it’s a remarkable feat of engineering, and pretty much as fresh as the day it was made.

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