Dominique Peccatte is widely regarded as the greatest bow-maker of all time – his bows show unusual flair and workmanship, and they are unsurpassed in technical quality.

And this is a great Peccatte – from a player’s point of view it has everything one looks for in this maker. However, the mounts are nickel and the wood is abeille (bee-wood), so the price is almost bearable! In fact some bows made of exotic woods (ironwood, amourette or abeille) can play better than equivalent pernambuco sticks – these woods have fallen out of favour, but every bow should be taken on its merits.

This is a very typical Peccatte with its square head with massive curved chamfers. The underslide is held in place with steel pins, and the button rings are secured with copper pins – mounts are nickel.

The condition of the bow is excellent with no cracks or repairs and very little wear.

One Dominique Peccatte bow can be very different from another, but always you get the feeling that he knew how to get the best out of any piece of wood. This bow is quite supple yet strong, and there’s a tonal complexity which lesser makers just can’t seem to achieve. It’s without doubt a rapidly made bow, but what Peccatte achieved in a day,others never achieve in a lifetime of work.

The greatest attribute of this bow is the degree of control it allows over the sound – there seems to be an unusual variety of colours it will produce, and the stick is also very controllable from a technical point of view. If you’re not too snobbish about materials, this is a really special bow.

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