Eugène Sartory commands a unique level of respect amongst musicians. Here we have a fine example from what is arguably his best period, in excellent condition and with a big rounded sound.

Everybody loves Sartory bows – they are beautifully made, they can be relied on for their musical qualities, and they are relatively affordable.

The early bows command the highest prices but they can be quite eccentric in weight and balance The later bows are often overly robust and unsubtle. But from 1910 to 1930 we see this kind of dependable and consistent work where all elements are in balance.

This bow has a stick of round section deep brown pernambuco, plain in figure but dense and gorgeous – mounts are silver and ebony.

Condition-wise there’s very little to report – there’s a bit of wear to the upper facets of the handle, otherwise the bow is very clean.

From a player’s perspective this is a really nice Sartory – the sound is full and positive, tending towards the dark, the stick is supple but with a crisp attack, and everything feels to be in the right place. Effortless in the hand, with an easy staccato and a smooth beefy legato, it has the golden sound we assocate with this maker, and the strange ability to make everything just sound better…

A great choice for a professional orchestral player, this is one of the most musical Sartorys we have come across – highly recommended.

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