Another lovely example of EA Ouchard’s work, this bow is from his best period, it’s very well preserved and it’s a treat to play.

We are rapidly becoming EA Ouchard diehards – his work is superb and is still priced quite competitively. If he had spent his entire life in Paris his bows would surely command the same sums as Sartorys do.

This bow is a fine example of his classic style, influenced by his father’s work yet made with significantly more elegance and grace, and before his adoption of various innovations such as steel screws in the underslides and the Hill-style mounting.

The stick is of round section mid-brown pernambuco, surprisingly austere – mounts are silver and ebony.

The condition is outstanding – the only issue to report is a tiny chip in the bottom edge of the frog on the player’s side.

It’s hard to find much to say about this bow – it performs perfectly, with a full, direct sound and a positive yet lively action.

It’s a bow which is entirely free from eccentricity and which just does everything well. The stick feels supple and responsive under the fingers, but it’s also very strong and resistant. Even the heaviest bow arm would find this bow up to the task, yet it remains subtle and nuanced.

A very rounded and well conceived bow from this increasingly appreciated maker.

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