EF&EA Ouchard Violin Bow, Mirecourt circa 1930


EF&EA Ouchard Violin Bow
This is a very fine bow from the EF Ouchard workshop, showing the hand of his supremely talented son EA Ouchard, and branded “Villaume Freres” (a dealership in Nancy). A very strong yet nimble stick, and in great condition barring a few minor scratches.

There are three generations of Ouchard bow-makers, EF, EA, and Bernard. EA is regarded as the outstanding talent of the family, but in fact his father EF Ouchard produced some sublime bows in amongst a wide output of commercial work. Here we have a ‘collaboration’ bow which offers the best of both makers – the meticulous craftsmanship of EA Ouchard, with the more nimble and pliable technical qualities of EF.

The stick is of round section darkbrown pernambuco with a subtle figure – mounts are silver and ebony. The bow shows some wear – a few nibbles to the stick and a bit of erosion of the thumb projection – but overall the condition is very good.

This is a bold and powerful stick which draws a very full tone without sacrificing agility. The balance point is spot on, and the bow is just well conceived and well executed in all details. It has the power which people look for in an EA Ouchard, but without the excessive stiffness – in fact the spring is very responsive and the bow seems to do whatever you ask of it. This would be a great bow for big romantic repertoire, but also very handy for an orchestral player who needs a rounded sound in a controllable package.

Mounts: silver/ebony

Dimensions: length 74.1cm, weight 61 grams

Certificate: Cabinet d ‘Archetiers JF Raffin, Paris 2018

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EF&EA Ouchard Violin Bow base photo EF&EA Ouchard Violin Bow frog photo
EF&EA Ouchard Violin Bow head photo EF&EA Ouchard Violin Bow tip photo


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