Emile Auguste Ouchard is one of the most highly valued bow makers of the 20th century. His style is individual and very precise, and the playing qualities of his bows are rarely surpassed. Many professionals use an EA Ouchard. This fine viola bow from his New York period is a very good example, powerful yet responsive and with a huge sound.

The Ouchard dynasty has been at the heart of French bow-making throughout the 20th century. Emile F. Ouchard trained under Cuniot-Hury, and ended up running that business beofre making under his own name. He developed several innovative styles, and we have previously sold this fine and rare example with a Vuillaume-style mout to the frog.

This trait was adopted by his son Emile Auguste, who also developed a consistency in woodworking and in the technical properties of the bow which in his father’s work appears a bit erratic. In turn EA Ouchard’s son Bernard refined this style and made outstanding bows for Vidoudez in Geneva such as this one : https://www.martinswanviolins.com/sales/a-fine-french-violin-bow-by-bernard-ouchard-circa-1970/

Here we have an excellent viola bow from EA ouchard’s best period, when he was working in New York. Probably made in 1956 as evidenced by the numbers 49 and 56 under the frog. The stick is of octagonal section mid-brown pernambuco mounts are silver and ebony. The condition of the stick is excellent. The frog has some minimal chipping to the bottom surface, and there are a couple of scratches to the heel plate and the adjuster. All parts are original.

This is a dream of a bow, drawing a big bold sound but also capable of delicacy. The wood is dense, strong yet elastic, and while it’s impossible to make this bow give up, there’s always good feedback in the hand. Some powerful bows feel like tank aerials, but this is a perfect compromise between strength and sensitivity. A great bow for a busy professional – keep this in your case and for God’s sake put that Sartory away in a cupboard …

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