Etienne Pajeot Violin Bow circa 1840


Etienne Pajeot Violin Bow
This is an exceptional bow by one of the greatest of the French makers, Etienne Pajeot. It plays beautifully and the condition is outstanding.

Illustrated in “L’Archet (bow 24 page 35), this is one of the great Pajeots from this maker’s best period. The head is the unmistakable “racing” model of his later creations. The stick is of remarkable pernambuco – round section, deep red brown with a beautiful figure. Mounts are nickel and ebony – unusual to see nickel mounts on such a fine stick, but Pajeot was notoriously unconcerned with such matters, and seems to have persevered with nickel rather longer than other makers.

The bow is in near perfect condition.

A good Pajeot is a thing of wonder, and this is an outstanding example. The sound is golden – smooth and creamy, very rich even in the high reaches of the E string. Excellent volume and a feeling of huge solidity, yet without sacrificing clarity or agility. This is a bow which delivers far more than you would think possible for its weight – in this respect it behaves rather like a Persoit or a Tourte. Certainly no 63 gram Sartory could give a greater sense of power or warmth.

It’s not an edgy sound but it has the breadth of frequencies to push through everything else. It’s very dynamic, allowing for precise control and meaningful expression. Great adhesion, excellent staccato, but above all this fantastic feeling of everything being centred, of notes starting and stopping as you intend them to …

Not a shouter, but a top level bow for a proper grown-up musician.

Mounts: nickel/ebony

Dimensions: length 74.5cm weight 58.8 grams

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Etienne Pajeot Violin Bow base photo Etienne Pajeot Violin Bow frog photo
Etienne Pajeot Violin Bow head photo Etienne Pajeot Violin Bow tip photo


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