Etienne Pajeot Violin Bow, Paris circa 1825


Etienne Pajeot Violin Bow

Etienne Pajeot is one of the great early French makers, and his bows are highly sought after for their excellent technical qualities. A fine Pajeot is eminently suitable for modern technique, though the strength of the sticks makes them particularly suitable for soloists

Mounts: silver/ebony

Dimensions: Length 74.3cm weight 61 grams

Certificate: JF Raffin, Paris 2013

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Etienne Pajeot Violin Bow base photo Etienne Pajeot Violin Bow frog photo
Etienne Pajeot Violin Bow head photo Etienne Pajeot Violin Bow tip photo
Etienne Pajeot Violin Bow certificate Etienne Pajeot Violin Bow certificate

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