This is a very nice bow by Eugene Cuniot, known as “Cuniot-Hury” – in very good condition and an excellent player.

Eugene Cuniot was a prolific maker who apprenticed with his father and then built up a large firm producing a wide range of qualities. This particular bow is quite early and is his own personal work, with the distinctive Simon-like head that he inherited from his father’s style.

The stick is of mid-brown pernambuco with a very attractive flame, mounts are silver and ebony. there is an apocryphal Voirin brand.

There are no significant condition issues – there’s a tiny scratch in the head but otherwise there are few signs of use.

This is a tremendous bow for its price tag, and it would stand comparison with many Peccatte school bows. It has some of that same quality – richness of tone, power without stiffness, and above all adaptability.

Excellent weight and balance, good attack, a smooth legato… this bow is a bit of a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

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