Eugène Sartory enjoys an unrivalled popularity amongst musicians. Here we have an outstanding bow from his best period – it’s in mint condition and plays like a dream.

This is a spectacular bow in all respects. Early Sartorys command higher prices than his later more commercial work, but they don’t always have the strength of stick that players expect from this maker. This bow has perfect elasticity – it’s quite unusual to see an early Sartory with such light coloured pernambuco, and perhaps the two are connected.

The brand is E. Sartory a Paris – quite a few early bows were made for dealers or violin-makers and bear their stamps – Paul Jombar, Emile Germain or HC Silvesstre for example.

The condition is fabulous – the ivory face is original as is the ornate tinsel lapping, though the thumb leather has been replaced. There’s absolutely no wear and there are very few signs of use.

The stick is of beautifully figured orange-brown pernamuco of exceptional quality, mounts are silver and ebony.

This bow will be illustrated in Isaac Salchow’s upcoming publication on the bows of Eugène Sartory.

A bow in this sort of condition speaks primarily to collectors or investors, but it’s all the more attractive if it plays well, and I’m happy to say that this is one of the best Sartorys we’ve had for sale.

Beautifully balanced, strong yet subtle, very easy in the hand, it has a full smooth sound. Super-agile off the string, great edge/projection, and serious reserves of power.

This is just a sublime bow, in appearance, condition and playability – I don’t think it would be possible to find a better silver-mounted example.

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