Eugène Sartory Violin Bow, Paris circa 1915


Eugène Sartory Violin Bow
This is a spectacular gold mounted Sartory in excellent condition, and with the playing qualities you would expect from this maker’s best work.

This bow really seems to epitomize Sartory’s unique achievement as a bow-maker. The work is super-sharp, particularly the metalwork, the wood is outstanding and brought to a mirror finish, and the stick is strong and dense without losing pliability. This last point is the reason for Sartory’s unparalleled success amongst modern day musicians, but everyone appreciates the classic aesthetic that he achieves – bordering on the blingy but always tasteful.

On this example the stick is of round section honey-brown pernambuco with a dramatic translucent figure, mounts are gold and ebony, the 3-part aduster has deorative pearl facets.

The condition is excellent – the only issue to report is a small dent in the stick on the audience side, clearly visible in the photos.

If you’re familiar with the feel of a classic Sartory, I don’t need to tell you much – this is a superb player, mighty and bold but also quick on the draw and easy to throw around. If you haven’t experienced this kind of bow, it has a unique feel on the strings – in spite of the weight it’s a gentle caress, and the tone is produced quite effortlessly.

This is the sort of bow which comes to its own in modern repertoire or on the solo stage, and it would be best suited to a serious professional who needs to produce a big sound.

A top level bow for a top level player …!

Mounts: gold/ebony

Dimensions: length 74.4cm, weight 63.7 grams

Certificate: Raffin-Le Canu-Bigot, Paris 2018 Eugène Sartory Violin Bow certificate

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Eugène Sartory Violin Bow base photo Eugène Sartory Violin Bow frog photo
Eugène Sartory Violin Bow head photo Eugène Sartory Violin Bow tip photo
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