Eugène Sartory Violin Bow, Paris circa 1935


Eugène Sartory Violin Bow
Sartory is without doubt the most popular maker of bows of any period and from any part of the world. His bows are highly sought after and the price just keeps going up! Here we have a very strong late-period Sartory in excellent condition.

There’s not much need to extol the virtues of Sartory – he is something of a household name amongst string players. Although like most of his contemporaries he started out making bows in the Voirin manner, he quickly developed his own style, introducing more strength into the stick and the head. His bows were very popular with the soloists of his day such as Ysaye and Thibaud, and they have remained popular ever since.

This particular example is quintessentially Sartory, with a big firm stick of beautifully flamed orange pernambuco, round section, with silver and ebony mounts. The condition of the bow is excellent – the thumb projection has been softened slightly on the player’s side, but this enhances the comfort of the bow significantly.

What most players look for in a Sartory is a combination of sheer power and subtle articulation, and this bow achieves this balance superbly. It’s ideal for modern repertoire, very firm and precise on the string, with endless reserves of strength. If you’re playing Mozart day in day out, this is the wrong bow for you, but if you need a big and bold sound combined with a dynamic and solistic character, don’t miss this one!

Mounts: silver/ebony

Dimensions: Length 74.5cm, weight 62.6 grams

Certificate: Pierre Guillaume, Maison Bernard, Brussels 2017 (pro forma)

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Eugène Sartory Violin Bow base photo Eugène Sartory Violin Bow frog photo
Eugène Sartory Violin Bow head photo Eugène Sartory Violin Bow tip photo


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