Eugenio Degani is one of the most recognizable of modern Italian makers. His violins are always refined and stylish. Here we have a wonderful sounding example in perfect condition.

Eugenio Degani and his son Giulio have a unique style, and this violin exhibits the Degani character through and through. A very precise scroll with a pronounced channel to the outer edges of the volute, heavily fluted f-holes with a stop across the lower tongue, very long corners with a pronounced rolled edge, and a uniquely thick yet lustrous gold-brown varnish. The violin also retains its original “see-through” fingerboard and nut.

The condition of the instrument is spectacular – no cracks or damages, and only the most minimal wear to the varnish.

I’ve had the opportunity to play quite a few Deganis, probably around 20, and this is without doubt the best I’ve come across. They tend always to be sweet and well balanced, but often they lack power. Yet this one does it all, and it’s one of the best sounding and most versatile violins we have right now.

It plays very easily, with a clear but nuanced tone – the lower strings are big and woody, with plenty of resonance under the chin, the upper strings silvery and sinuous. It’s rare to find a violin that displays a complete absence of negatives, even at high volumes, but I’m struggling to find any down side. It just sounds like a violin should.

All in all a great example for an accomplished professional who wants a very expressive and mature sound – also eminently suitable for a collector, and one of the best preserved Deganis you could find.

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