This beautiful bow is one of the best Nürnbergers we have seen, and without doubt the finest we have ever had for sale. It’s a gold mounted example in excellent condition with exceptional playing qualities.

Franz Albert Nürnberger (1854-1931) was the fifth generation of this hugely important German dynasty. He learnt the craft from his father, but his work is much more refined, with a deliberate incorporation of French influences.

This particular bow would stand alongside any Parisian bow of the period both in the refinement of its execution and in its playability.

The stick is round section orange pernambuco with a lovely translucence, mounts are gold and ebony. The pearl eyes and slide are of a matching gold/green.

There are no condition issues other than a small amount of wear to the top of the handle and a tiny nibble to the head chamfer on the audience side.

Most advanced players get a bit of a shock when they try a really great German bow – the experience undermines all the received wisdom about the clear superiority of French bows. There are great bows and great makers outside of France, and Franz Albert Nürnberger is one of them.

This is a real wow of a bow – very strong for its weight, with a warm and characterful sound and plenty ofpent-up energy.. I hate to pander to clichés, but it does have a certain Germanic solidity – for me it’s like a BMW, racy and hugely powerful but still smooth and enveloping.

Of great appeal to a collector, this is also a very fine bow for a demanding professional, best suited to Romantic and modern repertoire.

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