A classic Tourte model bow by Franz Albert Nürnberger (junior) – in outstanding condition and with a typically mature and rounded sound.

This is a lovely bow by one of the principal makers of the German school. These Tourte model Nürnbergers are particularly admired, and this example is beautifully preserved, even to the extent of retaining its original ivory face. The brand (a serif font with asterisks before and after) puts the date of manufacture after around 1920, so this bow was made in the last decade of Franz Albert’s life. The slightly drooping thumb projection is very characteristic of his work, and the model relates very colsely to the example on page 151 of “Deutsche Bogenmacher” Vol. 1.

The stick is of octagonal section dark red pernambuco with a subtle speckled figure – very reminiscent of Tourte wood in fact. Mounts are silver and ebony.

There are no significant condition issues other than some superficial marking of the stick behind the frog on the player’s side.

Nürnberger bows have a well-deserved reputation for reliability and consistency, and unlike so many fine French makers, you never come across a bad one. Carl Albert’s bows can be overly heavy or stiff, but Franz Albert Jun. had the knack, and this is yet another great example of his work.

The sound is big, broad and open, slightly dark and definitely coloured. The stick is strong yet supple – like many bows by this maker it needs a bit of tension in the hair before it springs to life, but once you’ve found the sweet spot is has an effortless off the string action.

An ideal bow for big Romantic repertoire – also ideal for an energy-saving player who wants a big sound without having to work too hard!

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