Most professional players and many keen amateurs are looking for an antique violin which has superb tone and good investment potential. However, the widespread assumption that a more expensive violin will sound better is completely misguided, since the financial value relates only to the provenance and the condition, and not in any way to the tone.

An investment grade violin is never going to be a bargain, and it’s important to make the distinction between a keen purchase and a solid investment. A violin that performs well as an investment will be authentic and in excellent condition, with a certificate or appraisal by a recognized expert. Such instruments are in high demand. If they also happen to have exceptional tone or playing characteristics, the demand is correspondingly greater.

We look for instruments and bows which satisfy both criteria. Some of our more expensive instruments are on commission from professional musicians, some are bought by us from private individuals and at auction. But they all have to meet the highest standards as tools for making music.