Ferdinand Gagliano (1738-1804) was the son of Nicolo and nephew of Gennaro. His violins have always been appreciated for their excellent tonal qualities – this example has exceptional clarity and projection.

The Gagliano family dominated Neapolitan violin-making for almost 200 years. Ferdinand was the third generation, and the most accomplished of the four sons of Nicolo, all of whom made violins.

This example is an early work, obviously made at speed but exuding a bold confidence … the scroll in particular takes the Gagliano “look” to its limits!

The condition is generally very good. The table is in superb condition – no significant cracks, no post patch or bassbar crack, and the varnish beautifully preserved. The lower treble rib has some minor damage. The upper back has been lined on the inside and retouched on the outside – presumably to counter some distortion. The lower back has a very fine crack running just to the right of the back seam – this has been cleated on the inside.

Ferdinand Gagliano’s instruments generally sound great, and this one doesn’t disappoint – it’s powerful, crystal clear yet musical, and it will resist any amount of bow pressure. An ideal choice for a concertmaster – the entire string section will be able to hear you, and the tone is refined enough for solo spots.

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