FN Voirin Viola Bow, Paris circa 1875


FN Voirin Viola Bow
FN Voirin is a maker whose influence cannot be underestimated. His precision and artistry have never been superseded, and his bows are the most refined of all the French makers. This viola bow is a beautiful example of his work in excellent condition.

Made shortly after his important sojourn with Vuillaume, this bow shows Voirin’s early style, a bit meatier than his later skeletal creations, and in some ways more appropriate to a modern player’s expectations.

The stick is of round section orange-brown pernambuco with a stunning figure and translucence. Mounts are silver and ebony. There are no repairs or damages, and all edges and chamfers are crisp and neat.

Voirin’s bows are highly valued for a reason – they sound wonderful. Their aesthetic refinement is always matched by a refinement of tone – like all Voirins this bow has a bright luminous tone which offers soloists a real edge in terms of projection. Some of his bows are a bit too supple for the contemporary sword-fighter who would rather have 73 grams of insensitive Sartory, but this bow is an ideal weight, and the stick is strong.

Violas come in all shapes and sizes, and this bow would be best suited to a responsive instrument and a nuanced playing style. In the right hands it offers phenomenal control and a magical edge.

We won’t claim it’s a bargain, but alongsie its playability it’s also an eminently collectable example in exemplary condition. As such it deserves to command a premium.

Mounts: silver/ebony

Dimensions: length 73.7cm, weight 68.3 grams

Certificate: JF Raffin, Paris 2004 FN Voirin Viola Bow certificate

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FN Voirin Viola Bow base photo FN Voirin Viola Bow frog photo
FN Voirin Viola Bow head photo FN Voirin Viola Bow tip photo


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