FN Voirin is one of the greatest names in bow-making. Although his bows haven’t become a currency in the way that Sartory bows have, he is generally regarded as the better maker. While his bows are inevitably lighter, they have unparalleled elegance and are renowned for their quality of sound.

This viola bow is a lovely example of his work, typically refined and perfectly proportioned. The stick is of octagonal section orange-brown pernambuco with speckled figure, mounts are silver and ebony. The condition is astounding.

Don’t be deceived by the weight of this bow – it’s a big and beautiful stick, very resistant, pulling a typical Voirin sound, at once broad, clear and luminous. The legato stroke will make you laugh – perfect from heel to tip, almost un-naturally smooth. Off the string work is a dream. There’s nothing more to say about this bow – if you can afford it, buy it!

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