This is another great bow from the Nürnberger workshop, probably Franz Albert circa 1925 – made on quite an unusual model with a very refined head and distinctive adjuster. It’s a strong and full-sounding bow with some minor condition issues.

The Nürnberger workshop is renowned for the reliability of its output – we always keep a range of Nürnbergers in stock and we like them a lot. Bows by Carl Albert post-1930 can be a bit heavy for some tastes, but the first 3 decades of the 20th century were a golden age!

Various models were produced, and this particular bow is a bit of a one-off. The head is loosely based on Voirin but quite stripped back. The frog is very typical in plain ebony with the characteristically fat thumb projection. The button has an archaic look with its broad central ebony ring and the very pronounced second collar.

The stick is of round section orange-brown pernambuco with a subtle figure, mounts are silver and ebony.

The condition is generally very good – the stick is excellent with almost no wear, but the frog has a repaired crack along the bottom edge of the audience side.

In terms of playability this is a classic Nürnberger with a big, bold and broad sound with a touch of grit. It feels powerful in the hand without being overly stiff or unwieldy, and it’s very nicely balanced.

It’s hard to find fault with a bow such as this – everything is in the right place, the tone is great, and the spring seems just right. It’s resistant enough for a big player and it puts out a lot of sound. What’s more, the sound is very broad spectrum, with an intense core but also some extra sizzle in the high harmonics.

A great bow for late Romantic repertoire, forceful yet refined.

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